Welcome to NCBS’s Hippo documentation.


  • User Manual. User can create bookings, manage her lab inventory, update/edit her AWS and JC entries, register for courses.

  • Academic Admin Manual Academic admin is responsible for AWS managements, creating talks, managing AWS roster, and scheduling courses.

  • BookMyVenue Admin Manual BookMyVenue Admin is responsible for managing venues, approving/rejecting booking requests, sending out emails for academic events (academic admin also share this responsibility).

  • System Admin Manual System Admin is responsible for maintaining system, its configuration and other IT related issues with this application.

Android App

An android app is also available. Get it from the Google Playstore. This app is still in beta.

Getting Help

Whom To Contact For what
NCBS Academic Office AWS and courses
Deans Office Approvals and venue related queries.
Hippo Mailing List Website, technical problems

Reporting bugs

Ideal place to report bug is this url https://github.com/dilawar/hippo/issues. You can also write to Hippo mailing list. But you know, mailing lists are stupid and things can fall into cracks.


See System Administration Manual for details.


NCBS IT Dept for providing servers and infrastructure. Nuno Jesus for logo. Sweety Meel for background the image for Hippo App.

Last modified on: 2020-01-06

Last update: 2020-01-06